Last updated: 25 September 2009

User programmable Studio IDE

The Developer Studio IDE is provided as full source code, and includes features such as the dictionary browser which allows you to find, decompile, and locate the source code of any word in your application, or even in the VFX Forth kernel. The Studio IDE provides user definable hooks to any text editor for editing or source location. You can add your own extensions to the Studio IDE for improved productivity.

  • Browser
  • Debug Console
  • Breakpoints
  • State Monitor
  • Calculator
  • DLL scanner
  • ASCII chart
  • RC file stripper
  • Win 32 API help
  • State save/restore


DFX debugger

Provided with the Studio IDE is the DFX debugger, featuring single stepping, tracing, instruction logging and watchpoints at the assembler or Forth source code levels. Like the rest of the Studio IDE, DFX is provided as source code.

  • Breakpoints
  • Breakpoint Manager
  • Register display
  • Assembler view
  • Instruction trace
  • Stack displays
  • High level "bouncing ball" view
  • LOCATE and XREF hooks
  • Memory views
  • State save/restore
  • Debug Forth Interpreter in a separate thread
  • "Narrow down" mode for rapid fault location

DFX debugger