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The Company

MicroProcessor Engineering specialises in Real-Time and Embedded systems. We design tools for the complete development cycle including hardware, software and firmware. These products operate on desktops and a wide range of embedded targets.

Over the years, we have provided solutions to companies as diverse as NASA, Europay, local charities, small businesses, Ministry of Defence, major supermarket chains and tech giants.

MPE was founded in 1981 as a hardware company making single board computers. The requirements of fast development, portability and real-time led us into high level languages. With our background in machinery control, telemetry and systems software, we selected Forth as our software tool of first choice.

Forth Compiler Products

BertieUsing our proven VFX compiler technology development, MPE offers Forth development systems that produce code as fast as that for any other language – but with all the benefits of an interactive development cycle and traditional Forth implementations.

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A customer says: VFX has been the most solid and cleanly designed Forth I´ve used in years (probably ever actually)

Current embedded developments are usually based around ARM/Cortex CPUs. These are supported by our Forth cross compilers, PowerNet TCP/IP stack and multi-threaded servers, USB stack, FAT file system and PowerView GUI.


MPE consultancy services stem from both hardware and software, and keep us in tune with the requirements of users, so helping us to improve our products. Projects range from small embedded systems to supporting a Windows project with over 1,200,000 lines of Forth source code. We use our software products every day.


New users of the interactive Forth development environment often want to learn it quickly and efficiently and to understand the advantages our tools provide. Different training courses are provided – either standard or tailored to your specific needs.