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Last updated: 9 April 2020

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The Euro and US dollar prices are updated twice daily, based on information supplied by the European Central Bank. For more information on ECB exchange rates, click here.

Prices do not include shipping or postage and VAT.

Prices are quoted in UK Pounds Sterling, US Dollars and Euros. Exchange rates are approximate, and the correct rate will be used when invoicing. Payment may be made in UK Sterling and Euros without currency conversion charges.

The office accepts Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards, and American Express – no currency transaction charges apply. We may surcharge Amex cards. Please contact us to set up a credit account, or if you have any other queries. The web shop is different. In both cases, we are at the mercy of various banks as to which exchange rate is finally applied.

In order to satisfy our own consciences and the current regulations, we do not keep any electronic records of credit card details. A downside of this is that you need to give us the card details for each order. Because of the UK tax regime and the use of “chip and PIN” for customer present transactions, we need the following information for “customer not present” orders:

  • Name on Card
  • Card number
  • Expiry date
  • Last three check digits from back of card
  • Shipping address with full house/building number and Post/ZIP code
  • Card billing address with full house/building number and Post/ZIP code
    if not the same as the shipping address.
  • VAT/TVA number for companies in the EU or an EU regulatory zone.

US customers who rarely use their cards for foreign purchases may need to contact their bank to authorise the transaction. This prevents the bank declining the transaction for security reasons!

You can send your card details by phone, fax, email or post etc. Encrypted mail can be sent to Stephen Pelc. Please note that our systems only support CPIP (RFCs 1149 and 2549) on special request.

We no longer deliver software products on physical media.

US Dollar and Euro prices will be calculated using the exchange rate applicable on the day of invoicing.

The current exchange rate is approximately –
(GBP = 1.00)
1.00 GBP 1.17 EUR 1.26 USD

Subscriptions include VFX Forths, Forth 7 cross-compilers, and legacy products

Basic: € 19 per month, 1 seat, support level 1 16.28 GBP 19.00 EUR 20.59 USD
Professional: € 79 per month, 3 seats, support level 2 67.70 GBP 79.00 EUR 85.60 USD
Ultimate: € 169 per month, 10 seats, support level 3 144.83 GBP 169.00 EUR 183.11 USD



Forths for PCs

VFX Forth

Windows, Macos, Linux x86 and ARM.
Included with subscription

VFX Legacy Products

VFX Forth for DOS Professional
Included with subscription


Forth 7 VFX Cross Compilers

Windows, MAC OS X, Linux x86 included in subscription
386/486/Pentium, H8300H and H8S, Cortex-M0/M1/M3/M4/M7 & ARM7/9/11, 68xxx, ColdFire, 9S12/68HC12, MSP430, 8051 included in subscription.


Included in subscription


Legacy Cross Compilers

Forth 7 Cross Compilers – Windows

Forth 7 ARM compiler – 26 bit support, no Cortex-M, no PowerNet
Included in subscription

Forth 6 Cross Compilers – Windows

80×86/88, Intel 80C196, 68HC11, Z80/Z180/84Cxx, M37700, H8/500
Included in subscription

Forth 5 Cross Compilers – 16 bit DOS

32 bit targets
TMS320C3x/4x, 68HC16, RTX20xx and RTXcore
Included in subscription

Forth 4 Cross Compilers – 16 bit DOS

Z8/Super 8, TMS7000, 6502/C02/M740, 6309/6809
Included in subscription

Books on Forth

Book prices may change, so please do not be upset if the price is different on the day of purchase.
Program Forth, Stephen Pelc 24.50 GBP 28.59 EUR 30.98 USD
Forth Programmer’s Handbook, Conklin and Rather 10.00 GBP 11.67 EUR 12.64 USD
Forth Application Techniques, Elizabeth D. Rather 10.00 GBP 11.67 EUR 12.64 USD

Forth Courses

An Architectural Introduction to Forth 895.00 GBP 1,044.37 EUR 1,131.57 USD
Windows programming with VFX Forth 1,495.00 GBP 1,744.50 EUR 1,890.16 USD
Embedded Software for Hardware Engineers 1,245.00 GBP 1,452.78 EUR 1,574.08 USD