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VFX Forth for Mac OS X


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Last update: 7 March 2022
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VFX Forth for Mac OS X

VFX Forth for Mac OS X has 64 bit and 32 bit x86 versions built from the same code tree as the Windows and Linux versions; please refer to the common features version for a detailed description of aspects common to all versions, e.g. code generation. Requires Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later. VFX Forth 32 does not work on Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina onwards, but VFX Forth 64 works fine on OS X 10.15 onwards.

Because of the number of clients porting code from other platforms and Forth systems, we are paying more attention to compatibility harnesses, especially for shared library accesss.

Read the latest 64 bit release notes or 32 bit release notes. Release notes for all earlier versions of VFX Forth can be found here.

For the licence terms, see the licence.

Customers say:
“Besides the amazing optimizing compiler, I love the DocGen documentation system. The easy C interfacing and Genio driver architecture have also been key for my project.”

“I had written a demo to utilize various math functions found in libraries, mainly to master the library interface in xxx, where I had to write code to handle floating point arguments and return values. I was astonished at the ease of doing this in VfxForth …”

Transformation engine Transformation Engine by Bruno Degazio
Read the Paper about the Tranformation engine

NEW! Carbon MacForth on VFX

Ward McFarland at Megawolf has ported Carbon MacForth to VFX Forth 32. Carbon MacForth is included in the VFX Forth for Mac distribution. MacForth is a mature Macintosh Forth development environment. MacForth on VFX provides the same working environment as previous versions on MacForth – tightly integrated multi-window source code editor, simple project management tools, and more. A few small syntax changes from prior versions are needed. A client porting a large CAD package to MacForth on VFX from the PowerPC version reports that only minimal changes are required.

Carbon Macforth on VFX

 Carbon Macforth screenshot

NEW! Cocoa interface

Written by Roelf Toxopeus of BMB con, the Cocoa interface provides access to the features of the Mac’s Cocoa interface. A multitude of example programs help you to learn this complex and fascinating interface. The Cocoa interface is included in the VFX Forth for Mac distribution.

Cocoa screenshot

GTK+ Cross Platform GUI

It’s cross platform, so it’s one of the common features.

GTK + Cross Platform GUI

Examples and Libraries

VFX Forth comes with a wide range of application examples.

Libraries include multitasking, floating point, serial and socket-based communications, benchmarks, BNF parsers, binary overlays, full file system support, and more than a dozen application-oriented examples to get you off to a flying start.

System Requirements

  • Intel OS X 10.6 or later.
  • Incompatible with OS X 10.15.

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