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MicroProcessor Engineering Limited offers a range of consultancy services. We can provide assistance for software application, compiler development and extension, and also hardware design and build. A customer recently remarked:
“If we had started with you we would be two and a half years ahead.”


Project Handling

Before developing a new application or enhancing your existing design to fulfil new requirements, we meet with our customers to discuss their needs and to share ideas.

Our staff understands new application demands in depth and will push for more details if there are unknown areas. This means we can design systems that very closely meet your needs.

Having defined the system, we use our rapid application development tools to make prototype models, which are then discussed with our customers to ensure that the final application design matches the original requirement and is well accepted when finally implemented.

Design reviews at all critical stages allow the software to be seen by the client, then discussed, and any necessary rework documented and performed before the next project review. This approach usually means that the software can be almost signed off at these stages and does not have to be constantly referenced in later points.

Also, training plans can be discussed and started at an earlier stage, and a degree of factory testing can be built in.



  • HTML 5 GUI interface
  • Multi-user file locking
  • Automatic translation of C header files to Forth
  • TCP/IP protocols
  • Lighting controls
  • Racing car instrumentation
  • RFID tag interfaces
  • USB host interface
  • Vending machine controller
  • Biometrics scanner
  • Industrial networking
  • Security video viewer
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Autoclave
  • Bomb disposal manipulator
  • Anaesthetic ventilators
  • Firmware upgrade mechanisms
  • Windows support
  • Industrial controller
  • Soldering machines


Typical Compiler Support Requests

  • Ports to new CPUs and boards
  • Device drivers
  • Version identification extension
  • RISC compilers
  • SNMP MIB compiler
  • Language extensions
  • Portable binary code systems


Hardware Design

  • System cost reduction
  • Custom ARM CPU boards
  • Intelligent comms card
  • Custom peripherals



Consultancy can be provided either on a fixed price basis or at a daily rate.



MPE has over 30 years experience of application programming using Forth. Nearly all the software products mentioned on this website have been written in-house using MPE Forths. This means that the MPE team has a wealth of experience.


Project Management

Experience is nothing if we do not learn from it. MPE’s project management is derived from our 30 years of application experience within the company itself, and from our experiences before that. MPE has had experience of small and large projects both domestic and international. MPE was the coordinating partner for a multinational European Commission ESPRIT project.


Experienced Forth contractors

MPE maintains a list of experienced Forth professionals available for on-site contract work or as permanent employees. Project management can be provided by our permanent staff.