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Last updated 21 January 2020

VFX Forth downloads
Cross compiler downloads
Forth-related Papers, VFX Forth benchmark code

Syntax colouring files for Forth


Mark Corbin has written Forth syntax highlighters for gedit, jEdit, UltraEdit and Kate. They should be part of their respective packages; if not, they are available from:

Forth-Related Papers


Book: Programming Forth

Book: ProgramForth.pdf.


VFX Forth

    • Integer benchmark code: benchmrk.fth.
    • Floating point benchmark code: mm.fth.
    • VFX Forth Code Generator – a paper from EuroForth 1998 about the objectives of the VFX Forth code generator. PDF File: VFXgen.pdf.
    • Inside the VFX Forth Code Generator – presented at EuroForth 2000. This is a brief description of the VFX code generator, its objectives and implementation at that time. Note that the email address and website URL have changed since the paper was written in 2000. PDF File: InsideVFX.PDF.
    • VFX Forth for ARM Linux – a paper from EuroForth 2014 about porting VFX from x86 to ARM and the impact on the code base. PDF File: VfxArmLinux.pdf.
    • SQLite3 interface by Rafael Gonzalez Fuentetaja with a manual. This is derived from Nick Nelson’s interface to MySQL described in his EuroForth paper “The Nearly Invisible database or ForthQL” at the the 22nd EuroForth conference.
      ZIP File: ForthQL interface.