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Last updated 7 March 2022

VFX Forth downloads
Cross compiler downloads
Forth-related Papers, VFX Forth benchmark code

Syntax colouring files for Forth


Mark Corbin has written Forth syntax highlighters for gedit, jEdit, UltraEdit and Kate. They should be part of their respective packages; if not, they are available from:

Forth-Related Papers

Book: Programming Forth

Book: ProgramForth.pdf.

VFX Forth

    • Integer benchmark code: benchmrk.fth.
    • Floating point benchmark code: mm.fth.
    • VFX Forth Code Generator – a paper from EuroForth 1998 about the objectives of the VFX Forth code generator. PDF File: VFXgen.pdf.
    • Inside the VFX Forth Code Generator – presented at EuroForth 2000. This is a brief description of the VFX code generator, its objectives and implementation at that time. Note that the email address and website URL have changed since the paper was written in 2000. PDF File: InsideVFX.PDF.
    • VFX Forth for ARM Linux – a paper from EuroForth 2014 about porting VFX from x86 to ARM and the impact on the code base. PDF File: VfxArmLinux.pdf.
    • SQLite3 interface by Rafael Gonzalez Fuentetaja with a manual. This is derived from Nick Nelson’s interface to MySQL described in his EuroForth paper “The Nearly Invisible database or ForthQL” at the the 22nd EuroForth conference.
      ZIP File: ForthQL interface.

Forth200x Draft proposals and discussion

Forth 200x draft documents and proposals can be found at the Forth200x web site. This section contains draft proposals that have not yet been submitted to the Forth 200x process.

Special words in Forth

  • PDF file: Special words.
    Stephen’s attempt to explain compilation under Forth 2012 to himself and to


Updated July 2018

  • PDF file: i18n.propose.v9.pdf. This is the draft Forth 2012 proposal for internationalisation. Text macro substitution is now a part of the Forth 200x document.
  • Forth source code: i18n.v9.fth. This is a sample implementation of the Forth 2012 internationalisation proposal for VFX Forth.

Octets and memory access

  • Text file: octets.txt.
    Greg Bailey’s discussion and proposal for handling octets.
  • Text file: memory-20160809.txt. One of the current memory access proposals; favoured by MPE.
    It will probably become a standard library.
  • Text file: memory-paysan-20160808.txt. The other current memory access proposals.
    It will probably become a standard library.

Cross Compilation

The text in these proposals was authored by Elizabeth Rather of Forth Inc. These proposals are the result of discussions between staff of MPE and FI in front of whiteboards (and beers).

Modern Forth and Extreme Forth

Originally written by Stephen Pelc for Dr Dobbs Journal in 2008, these articles are slightly updated and published here in PDF format:

Requests for Comment or Quotation

These are for projects we think would be useful, are too busy or too mean to do ourselves, or are outside our current skill set e.g. too theoretical or academic.

FLint is a tool to provide type and stack checking to existing code rather as Lint does for C sources. Download the draft specification flintspec.pdf

C to Forth Compiler: This is a complete C to Forth compiler with sources. It is an MPE research project which we believe will grow better as a Forth community project. The project is dual-licensed. Non-commercial use is free of charge. For commercial use you must buy a commercial license.

V1.20 has been tested on Windows XP and Windows 7/64. The documentation has been overhauled. Sample build scripts for Windows are provided.