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Last Updated: 15 July 2018

Our Forth courses are delivered on request. Many are tailored to your specific needs. Courses are based on the standard courses below.


Standard courses


Architectural Introduction to Forth (AIF)

A four-day course for those with little or no experience of Forth, but with programming experience. The AIF course provides an introduction to the architecture of a Forth system. AIF shows, by teaching and by practical example, how software can be coded, tested and debugged quickly and efficiently, using Forth’s interactivity. This course can be extended to five days (AIF+) to cover advanced topics and best-practice management of Forth (and other language) projects.


Embedded Software for Hardware Engineers (ESHE)

A five-day course for hardware and firmware engineers needing to construct real-time embedded applications using Forth cross-compilers. Includes multitasking, writing interrupt handlers and scripting. High-level language programming experience is assumed. Some knowledge of Forth is advantageous, otherwise this course will be very hard work.


Quick Start Course (QSC)

A very hands-on tailored course about embedded systems development on your site using your own hardware, and includes installation of a target Forth on your hardware, approaches to writing device drivers, designing a framework for your application and whatever else you need. The course is usually three days long.