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Forth Cross Compilers


MPE have been developing cross compilers for many years now. The latest version is the Forth 7 Cross Compiler. Providing a wide range of features enabling rapid interactive development of embedded systems, when combined with our VFX Code Generators Forth 7 produces excellent high-performance code. There’s even a free-of-charge Lite version for Cortex-M and MSP430 CPUs.

The Professional versions of compilers for 32 bit targets. e.g. ARM/Cortex-M and Coldfire include a complete TCP/IP and UDP/IP implementation for embedded systems. The release includes multi-threaded FTP, Telnet and Web servers with CGI and ASP. Full source is supplied as standard. Used in house at MPE for our own products, and embedded into access control systems, data loggers and ISDN routers amongst other applications.

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