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VFX Forth


Last update: 8 September 2020

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64 and 32 bit Forth systems for modern applications for PCs and Embedded PC systems.
Downloads for non-commercial use.
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VFX Forth for Windows

VFX Forth features a kernel written to the ANS Forth standard. VFX Forth includes the VFX optimising code generator which produces the fastest, tightest Forth code available. Among its many other features are the Studio IDE, DFX debugger, resource compiler, DocGen tool, the “cut and paste” API interface and the PowerNet Telnet and Web servers with CGI and ASP.

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VFX Forth for x86, x86_64 and ARM Linux

Beta test version of VFX Forth 64 for x86_64 now available.

The Linux versions are built from the same source tree as VFX Forth for Windows,
and Mac. It includes the same VFX code generator, external library interface, serial and networking tools, GUI presentation and design tools, as well as the toolset of the other VFX Forth versions.

VFX Forth for x86 Linux is suitable for all x86 Linux distributions, and runs very well on lightweight systems such as the Ebox range of fanless PCs.

VFX Forth for ARM Linux runs fantistically well on modern lightweight hardware such as the Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone boards. Clients are building industrial applications on Rasperry Pi B3 and Zero-W boards.

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VFX Forth for Mac

Beta test version of VFX Forth 64 now available and includes Roelf’s Cocoa interface.

Built from the same source tree as the other VFX Forths, plus Cocoa and Carbon interfaces, and a port by Megawolf of Carbon MacForth hosted on VFX Forth. Requires an Intel Mac with OS X 10.6 or later, but not 10.15.

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VFX Forth for DOS

VFX Forth for DOS is a powerful Forth system for PCs and DOS-based embedded systems with 80386/486/Pentium class CPUs. Includes a royalty-free DOS extender. VFX Forth for DOS is built from the same source tree as VFX Forth for Windows, and includes the same VFX code generator and tools. The DOS extender is compatible with the Windows DOS box, is royalty free and is provided with source code. Graphics support is provided by a BGI interface with support for a wide range of video cards.

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