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Last updated: 18 November 2016

This page points you to other potentially useful resources. Please email the WebMaster with reports of broken links or suggestions for additions.

MPE Customers CCS – construction planning Safer Systems Innovatia Labs Maestro’s PBX uses PowerNet Nick Nelson & Micross Lanbox – extraordinary lighting controllers

Forth Language Resources

FLAG – Forth Library Action Group A collection of Forth libraries in source code form. Interview with Chuck Moore, the inventor of Forth. The main Forth repository A good source of all things Forth ShBoom chip by Chuck Moore


TCP/IP The source for RFCs (Requests for Coments) that define all aspects of TCP/IP and Internet protocols. TFTP server



comp.lang.forth Discussion of all things Forth related. These people are some of the most helpful on the Net, but there are also some truly obnoxious people present.
comp.arch.embedded Embedded systems design
comp.realtime Real-time programming issues.


Low cost and free software Our favourite programmer’s editor. Get the Forth syntax file for v15 onwards here, or for previous versions here. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The best source code compare/merge tool we’ve found, and there are Mac and Linux versions too. The Windows FTP client we always come back to
The Free Country Useful
Programmers Heaven Useful
Shareware Junkies Useful


Miscellaneous Some of the best discussion of software development
See also
Sorry, now only available as a house to hire, but still wonderful. EMV Smartcard data. File Formats
See also for FTP
Everything Open Firmware UK source of bits for robots, including cameras and servos