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Cross-32 Meta-Assembler


Version 4.0 for Windows

The Cross-32 Meta-Assembler is a table based macro cross-assembler that assembles source code for microprocessors, microcontrollers and digital signal processors.

CROSS32 is supplied by download with PDF manuals. The download is a ZIP of an installed folder/directory. Just put the folder wherever you need it.

See the pricelist.


  • Flexible instruction table structure
  • Text editors handle up to a billion lines of code
  • Replaces any register or string with any text string, making code easier to read
  • Floating point and case sensitivity supported
  • A table driven absolute cross assembler that is supplied with tables for all the processors listed.
  • Uses C language arithmetic and logical operators
  • Internal 32-bit integer math
  • Creates hex file, listing and symbol table
  • Conditional assembly and macros supported
  • Generates output files in straight binary, Intel Hex (8 or 16-bit), and Motorola S (8 or 16-bit) formats
  • Tables can easily be modified, extended, and rewritten by the user for new op-codes or new processors.

Processor families supported include at least the following:
TMS320C1x, TMS320C2x, TMS320C5x, TMS34010, TMS370/7000/77C82, TMS9900, 64180, 6502/65C02/6501-11Q, M740, M37700, 65816/802, 6800/6801/6303, 6805, 68HC08, 6809, 68HC11, 68HC16, 680×0/683xx, NEC 782xx, NEC 7831x, NEC 7500, NEC 7810 80C165/6/7, 8041, 8048, 8051, 80251B/S, 8080/5, 8086/186, 8096/80C196, COP400, COP800, Super8, 1802-6, Z8, Z80, Z180, Z280, Z380, ADSP210x, ARM, COP, H8/300, H8/300H, H8/5xx, PIC 165x, PIC 16xx, PIC 17xx, ST6, ST9, TLCS90, Z8000

Cross32 works on all versions of Windows that we have used from Windows 95 up to Windows 7-64. We can no longer actually test on Windows 9x as the last Win9x box in the building has been retired.