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ARM & Cortex Board Support


Last edit: 27 October 2017

This page lists some of the Cortex-Mx and ARM7/9/11 boards that we have support for. There are others that are not listed, either because we consider the CPUs not to be a good choice for new designs, or because boards are difficult to obtain, or because we just haven’t got round to updating this list yet. The pile of boards waiting for ports is becoming embarrassingly tall! If you do not see what you want, please contact us. We are available for custom installations.

If you not have used the Olimex boards before, we can recommend them. Olimex have a web shop.


Cortex CPUs


CPU Board
Kinetis K60 Freescale K60-512 TWR
Kinetis KL25 Freescale FRDM-KL25Z for KL14/15/24/25 MCUs
TI LM3S9Bx Luminary EKK LM3S9B2
NXP LPC111x Keil MCB1114
NXP LPC176x Olimex LPC-1766STK
NXP LPC40xx Code Red RDB4078
Nuvoton NUC120LE3AN Nuvoton NUC120 Tiny board
Nuvoton NUC140VE3 NuMicro-SDK
STM32F0xx STM32F031K6 Nucleo board
STM32F0xx STM32F042K6 Nucleo board
STM32F0xx STM32F051 Discovery board
STM32F0xx STM32F072B Discovery board
STM32F1xx STM32F103 Reva board
STM32F1xx Olimex STM32-P107 board
STM32F303 STM32F3 Nucleo 32 board
STM32F302 STM32F3 Nucleo 64 board
STM32F4xx ST STM32F4 Discovery board
STM32F4xx STM32F429I Discovery board
STM32F4xx Olimex STM32-E407
XMC1xxx Infineon XMC2Go


ARM7/9/11 CPUs


CPU Board
AD ADuc7024 ADuc7024
Atmel AT91M40400 Atmel EB01 Eval Board
Atmel AT91M40807 Atmel EB40 Eval Board
Atmel AT91M55800A Atmel EB55 Eval Board
Atmel AT91RM9200 AT91RM9200-EK Eval Kit
Atmel AT91SAM7X256 Atmel AT91SAM7X-EK
Cirrus CS89712 Cirrus CS89712 Eval Board – uses loader for services
NXP LPC2129 NMI LPC2129 Plug-an-ARM board
NXP LPC2138 Keil MCB2138 board
NXP LPC2148 Olimex LPC-P2148 board
NXP LPC2388 Keil MCB2388
NXP LPC2468 Olimex LPC-E2468
NXP LPC2468 MPE PB2468 PowerBoard
Samsung S3C4510 KEB50100
ST STR912Fxx Hitex STR912 evaluation board


Flashing and debugging with the Segger J-Link


Segger J-Link page.

From November 2013, the ARM/Cortex cross compilers for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X support direct programming of target Flash through a Segger J-Link unit.

Flash programming can be done automatically when compilation has finished. The J-Link is fast, simple to install and not expensive. The J-Link supports a vast range of ARM and Cortex devices.Apart from Flash programming, you can also set breakpoints and single step. This is all done from the interactive cross compiler console.

For Umbilical Forth users using the J-Link means that the only target resources required are a few bytes of RAM.

Our thanks to Chris Hills at Phaedrus Systems, who supply Segger tools in the UK.

  Phaedrus Systems Ltd.
  tel: 0808 1800 358